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Useful tools we use to help us run our business

When you are responsible for developing morale-boosting corporate events, you need helpful tools to help guide you toward a successful occasion. It is not always possible to come up with successful event ideas without being able to reference the advice of other professionals. We recommend utilizing the following sources to learn more about the importance of corporate team-building and collect advice on how to carry out your corporate event-planning duties:

Ignite Magazine: This corporate-minded magazine features research, advice and helpful information regarding pressing corporate issues and employee incentive ideas. Whether you are interested in planning an event aimed at improving your company’s commitment to environmental friendliness or you want cutting-edge ideas to help incentivize your employees, you can find loads of helpful information at Ignite Magazine.

Event Planners Association: You can find a wide variety of resources and information here regarding the events and amusement industries, including regulatory support, local networking opportunities and continuing education. You can also browse through various blog posts that offer advice and helpful tips related to event planning.

Meeting Professionals International:  If you want to keep up-to-date on current happenings and events in the industry, Meeting Professionals International provides updates on high-profile conferences and meetings that discuss rising costs and other important topics related to the events and planning industries. Research tools and professional publications are also available on this helpful website.

Alltop: When you are searching for the most popular news stories and events that relate to event planning, you need to take some time to browse through the headlines at Alltop. You can find event-related news articles from many different sites, including Elite Meetings Blog, Plannerwire, Bizbash and more. When you need a one-stop destination for all of your top event planners news stories, this is the place to go.

Bizbash: This popular event planning site offers a conglomeration of information, including industry-related news, ideas for hosting an unforgettable corporate event and helpful tools that will make it easier for you to engage your employees in event activities.

International Special Events Society: This user-friendly site is dedicated to offering inspiration and ideas that may help you plan your upcoming event. Once you join, you can easily find other members of the International Special Events Society by searching for a particular region or product.

Whether you are the sole individual in charge of planning all of your corporate events or you are only in charge of planning one morale-building meeting, if you utilize these resources you will have an easier time planning a meeting or event that will be memorable and effective.